How to Write an Artist Statement

Seminar mit Dr. Helen Adkins  

Beschreibung • Description

As a professional artist, it is not enough just to do art. You also essentially need good communication skills to promote your practice. Along with your portfolio, you should have a statement available at any time on your website but also as a hand-out for an exhibition, a gallery, or a competition, or just as information for an open studio.

To write about yourself is a painful task – after all, you are a visual artist and not an author. You will find, however, that the formulation of a statement is not only useful to others but also to yourself: it requires you to stand back and identify the common thread that runs through your work.

In the workshop, we will discuss the form and contents of an artist statement.

If you wish, you may bring your current statement (USB-stick; no longer than 1800 characters) and we will analyze it.


This course is held in English.