How to Curate an Art Show

Seminar mit Valentina Galossi  

Zeit • Time:
Tue, September 10 and Thu, September 12, 2024 each from noon-4pm
Ort • Place:
bildungswerk des bbk berlin, Köthener Straße 44, 10963 Berlin
Kosten • Costs:
50 €
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Beschreibung • Description

If you are an artist or a curator and are planning to organize an exhibition, this workshop will give you an essential guide on how to conceive a successful art show. Indeed curating an exhibition, from conception to launch requires several skills: coordination & management, marketing and communication.

We will analyze topics such as the exhibition concept; artwork statement, exhibition sheet with image credits, artist names, exhibition title, and text; press release; creating a facebook event. We will also look at areas of work such as: how to find a gallery, working as a curator for a gallery, communication between artist and gallerist, and liaison with the gallerist.

In this 8 hour workshop, I will give you a full-practical-insight into the strategies of curating, drawing on my own experience as an independent curator in contemporary art.

I module:

Lecture about Curating in Contemporary Art.
Curating a show is nothing but management and outstanding communication skills. We will provide a practical and essential guide on the main areas of interest:

  • Liaison with artists and gallerists
  • Press kit (on-line and off-line)
  • Communication and marketing

II module:

  • Research
  • Costs and funding
  • Writing a Consignment
  • Shipping