Mina Mohseni


Mina Mohseni is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, printmaker, and Daraprints collective's co-founder and currently lives in Berlin.She completed her BFA and MFA degrees with a major in painting.

Her practice spans drawing, installation, video, and printed matter, all of which are approached with a socially engaged and research-led working methodology.
The concerns she pursues in her artistic activity include issues such as the power system, public space, water,nature-ethics and their relation to identity formation. She tries to raise questions related to the life of the middle-class and the public spaces. She uses both sports and the fairy tale as an alternative narrative base. By observing the margins of daily life and subcultures, she tries to explore resulting expectations of the possible future through speculative fiction from the point of view of subtle personal struggles.

She has held seven solo exhibitions and her works have been included in more than 20 group exhibitions in Iran, Kuwait, England, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, and Germany.

Fachgebiet(e): künstlerische Praxis

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