Sketchup Advanced

Seminar mit Diego Orlandi  

Beschreibung • Description

Sketchup: Advanced User Workshop

In this 10-hour workshop, teacher-to-peer attention will be given on single projects, in order to optimize modelling techniques and clarify any difficulties encountered in trying to portray specific geometries. Group participation will be encouraged, in order to learn from each user's experience, and in this form undergo a trouble-shooting strategy that should make all attendees benefit from every single user's questions, and succeed in finalizing the concept project.

We encourage all attendees therefore to bring a project and model it as much as possible in order to be very comfortable with the software's basic functions, so as to bring the level of trouble-shooting as high as possible. 

You can download the free SketchUp-software here. Important: Please chose the version from 2017!

Please have a laptop / computer and a mouse with a cogwheel (Maus mit Rad) ready, and the software already installed and running.

The course will be carried out in English, by a bilingual German speaker Diego Orlandi.