Saying No: Setting boundaries in an unjust world

Seminar mit Yishay Garbasz  

Beschreibung • Description

This is the first in a series of workhops titled Self-Defense for Minorities Who Must Make a Living in the Art World. This workshop is especially designed for those experiencing multiple oppressions at the same time—such as those experiencing disability and/or poverty, sex workers, trans women, refugees, those with a migration background and others. This workshop does not require an academic background or certification of any kind. You only need to be a practising artist.

This workshop is meant to arm you with point-of-use tools and knowledge of self and communal defense in the art world and in everyday life. The first part of the workshop is to understand our own relative positions in society—our privileges and our oppressions. From there, we will learn tactics for recognizing power imbalances in everyday interactions, and discuss barriers to entry such as money, accessibility, and safety.

This course as a whole offers a framework to recognize power imbalances in interactions with individuals and institutions, as well as provide practical tools to survive and defend yourself.

"While those in positions of relative power may say "It's hard for everyone in the Art world," those of us on the margins experience that very differently."