EXPANDING Sculpture: An Art Field Trip / Workshop

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EXPANDING Sculpture: An Art Field Trip /workshop  introduction to Berlin art in public space

This course offers a hands-on on-site approach and focus on temporary interventions und exhibition projects in Berlin. As points of departure, I would like to highlight several approaches reflecting contemporary art in public space, documentation and research concerning what I have come to label: „the archeology of the present“ within the realm of the city in order to develop collaborative and individual explorations in the arts.

What is revealed when you scratch the surface of the domestic field, beyond projections, gentrification and real estate „make-up“?  Considering aspects of administration, bureaucracy, utility and, standardization of public space and incorporating the complexity of present-day urban landscapes in correlation to media, economies, cultural identities, in relation to gendered territories and histories of architectural sites.

The workshop combines artistic research and practice with material and spatial-based thinking, reflection analysis and discussion for all media and levels.