Workshop mit Diego Orlandi  

Beschreibung • Description

There will be tasks in your life as a professional artist when you need this program. The most commonly used means of technical drawing with a computer in the past 20-30 years has been AutoCad, available in many different versions and many languages. In this introduction course of AutoCad we supply the basic information on how to get you started with a basic, time limited free version in English. Basic 2D software functions, shortcut commands, and technical drafting principles will also be introduced. Applications for technical drawing with AutoCad and similar programs are essential for:

  • 2D representation of architectural spaces, exhibition rooms, as well as spatial planning
  • Detailed logo and geometric design
  • Product / Industrial design

You can download the free AutoCAD-version here.

Please have a laptop / computer and a mouse with a cogwheel (Maus mit Rad) ready, and the software already installed and running.

The course will be in English, but the docent Diego Orlandi speaks German.