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What artists need

… and what the bbk berlin's bildungswerk can offer.

To successfully earn a living from artistic work, basic knowledge of (self-)management and (self-)positioning is necessary, as well as knowledge of analogue and digital communication forms for (self-)presentation. In our seminars and workshops, perspectives for an artist's professional career are developed. It is important to repeatedly determine, clarify and sharpen one's own position in order to assert it effectively in the right context.

(Self-)Management | Positioning | Communication

The ability to communicate one's own work / concept of work quickly and clearly is expected of artists increasingly. One prerequisite for this is the production of professional images and texts with different objectives. Basic knowledge of computer programmes and their strategic applications, as well as the use of the Internet is essential. The intention is to enable artists to communicate competently and to develop economic structures for self-marketing. Many artistic projects can only be realised through scholarships or grants, for which compelling applications are crucial. At the bildungswerk, artists can acquire all the necessary relevant skills.

Presentation | The Art Market | Publicity | Coaching

Any individual artistic position must be able to hold its own in face of competition. (Self-)reflection and (self-)perception are dynamic processes, which it is possible to practice. This also includes the contextualization of one's own work within current art trends. Under what conditions is one's art exhibited, or under what conditions does the artist aim for a presentation or publication? Questions relating to others' and one's own perception of both person and work, self-defined goals, and the strategies necessary to achieve them will be discussed in group and individual discussions. The primary goal is to recognize individual strengths for the continuing development of the artistic approach.

Artistic Practice | Art & the Law | Taxes & Accounting

In addition, the bildungswerk teaches practical vocational skills. Artistic practice requires diverse and alternative strategies. Digitization and the use of digital production forms play an important part in the visual arts. Enabling artists to make full use of these possibilities and apply them, independently of third parties, as part of their own artistic production is also a task embraced by the bildungswerk. In addition, there are offers of further vocational training in copyright and taxation law, as well as accounting matters, which are taught in a practice-oriented way.


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