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What artists need

Those trying to make a living from artistic work need a skillset that includes the ability to manage themselves, to position themselves on the art market and present themselves to sponsors. The seminars and workshops developed by our lecturers support visual artists in the process of sharpening their own artistic positions and developing new perspectives for their professional careers. In addition, the courses on offer convey the latest digital tools for art work as well as techniques for effective communication, presentation and marketing.

Art Market | Positioning | Coaching

Every artistic position has to hold its own in the face of competition – the competition is fierce, funds are hard fought over. Attention is a scarce resource and economically relevant. The (self-)reflection necessary for conscious (self-)positioning is a process that can be practiced. In group settings or individual coaching, the artists work together with the coaches to develop their own perception of themselves and others and compare their set objectives with the means chosen. In this way, artists can raise awareness of their individual strengths and refine their own strategies for artistic development.

Artistic Practice | Presentation | Communication

In order to be able to convey one's own work quickly and clearly, professional images and texts for different target groups are necessary. Since many artistic projects can only be acheived with funding, being able to write convincing applications is also of crucial importance. Our programme gives artists the necessary skills for (self-)presentation as well as sound knowledge of the most important computer programmes and how to make strategic use of the Internet and social media. This enables artists to communicate effectively and develop structures for self-marketing.

Self Management | Law & Insurance | Taxes & Accounting

Freelance artists have to make it not just as creative individuals, but also as entrepreneurs. Mindful of this, our programme also includes the knowledge and practical skills needed for self-management and self-organisation. This includes the use of digital tools in artistic production as well as methods for preparing financing plans and learning confident negotiation techniques. In addition, we offer professional training in questions of I.P., copyright, taxes and accounting as well as KSK and social security issues in general.


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