bildungswerk des bbk berlin

The bildungswerk is a non-profit subsidiary of the bbk berlin (professional association of visual artists in Berlin). It provides a comprehensive qualification programme and advisory service that is unique in Berlin and beyond. Each year up to 1,000 visual artists living in Berlin benefit from the bbk berlin’s bildungswerk. Membership of bbk berlin is not required. The number of courses on offer is constantly expanding. New dates may also be added to the current programme. We therefore recommend subscribing to the newsletter as well as visiting our website.

European Social Fund (ESF)

The offers of the bildungswerk are supported by funding from the European Social Fund (ESF).


    27.02.2023 | The bildungswerk introduces: Ilka Forst

    We would like to introduce you to our lecturers here on a weekly basis and thus also show the range of topics available for courses and workshops.

    22.12.2022 | Artist associations raise funds for Afghan artists in need – Thank you!

    Artists at risk

    BBK Federal Association, bbk berlin, the Association of German Artists, the GEDOK, the IGBK, IKG… We are very grateful to announce that a growing number of associations, in particular of artists, are calling on their members, friends and sponsors, and the public to get involved in a fundraising campaign to address the urgent situation of artists in Afghanistan.

    05.12.2022 | ArtReview: POWER 100 - The annual ranking of the most influential people in art


    Unions - Activist Movement - Collective action among artists and museum workers - 3 in 2022. bbk berlin "It is so important for our work that ArtReview puts the art unions on place 3 of the 'Most influential people in 2022 in the contemporary artworld'. We are perceived internationally and are part of a network that acts in solidarity. Stay by our side."

    30.11.2022 | The bildungswerk of the bbk berlin presents the course program for the first quarter of 2023:

    Kalep Tapp arrow

    From book binding to screen printing to editions in porcelain, the extensive course program offers useful knowledge in legal, economic, strategic and many other areas of professionalization, dealing with media, self-marketing and social media. Thus, the course offering in the first quarter of 2023 covers this need for knowledge in many ways and from several perspectives.

    NEW from 07.11.2022 | the bildungswerk's Digital Campus

    Digitaler Campus

    From 7 November 2022 to 15 February 2023, the bildungswerk des bbk berlin’s Digital Campus will be available for the first time. The 16 courses will take place via Zoom. The Digital Campus will provide useful knowledge to find your way whatever your needs or art speciality: The spectrum ranges from legal knowledge to self-promotion, from self-marketing to cultural policy.

    26.10.2022 | Solidarity and support for refugee artists and cultural workers from the war zones of Ukraine

    Demonstration am 27.2.2022 Berlin - Die Vielen

    The bbk berlin and its kulturwerk offer active help to refugee artists and cultural workers from the war zones of Ukraine. We provide our networks and infrastructure, especially the workshops. Our offices and staff will provide orientation and support networking with the local scene as far as possible. This includes that the bbk berlin channels and coordinates individual requests for help and

    01.07.2022 | Research and work scholarships are significantly increased in number

    The bbk berlin has succeeded in achieving a significant increase in the number of research grants. From 2023, 1,096,000 euros will be available in the state budget for this purpose and 137 research scholarships will be awarded instead of the current 60. The number of working scholarships will also increase and a sliding scale will be introduced.