bildungswerk des bbk berlin

The bildungswerk is a non-profit subsidiary of the bbk berlin (professional association of visual artists in Berlin). It provides a comprehensive qualification programme and advisory service that is unique in Berlin and beyond. Each year up to 1,000 visual artists living in Berlin benefit from the bbk berlin’s bildungswerk. Membership of bbk berlin is not required. The number of courses on offer is constantly expanding. New dates may also be added to the current programme. We therefore recommend subscribing to the newsletter as well as visiting our website.

European Social Fund (ESF)

The offers of the bildungswerk are supported by funding from the European Social Fund (ESF).


    The bildungswerk introduces: Lara Nelke

    We would like to introduce you to our lecturers here on a weekly basis and thus also show the range of topics available for courses and workshops.

    13.09.2023 | Course program for the fourth quarter from bildungswerk des bbk berlin

    Alina Grubnyak under the Unsplash License

    The bildungswerk des bbk berlin presents its course program for summer 2023: This comprehensive and unique advanced and continuing education offer is available to visual artists as of now.

    12.09.2023 | Studio1Labor at DeutschlandRadioKultur: Zoë Claire Miller in conversation about womens’ advancement in art

    10.09.2023 | DeutschlandRadioKultur, Thorsten Jantschek at Podcast Stunde 1 Labor interviewing Zoë Claire Miller, among others: excerpt: "There is definitely a need for women's advancement in the arts. The gender pay gap and gender show gap is worse in the visual arts than it is on average (the case) in other professions."

    14.07.2023 | Künstlersozialkasse KSK informs: Debits by the UVB are correct!

    Direct debits in July on behalf of the Federal and Railway Accident Insurance (UVB) are correct! There has been a text change by the bank in the debiting of insurance contributions, the artists' social security contribution and the monthly advance payments, as well as in current payments from the artists' social security fund. The Federal and Railway Accident Insurance Fund (UVB) is now specified

    27.06.2023 | kunststadt stadtkunst 70-2023


    Die Fachzeitschrift kunststadt/stadtkunst wird jährlich vom Büro für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum im kulturwerk des bbk berlin herausgegeben. Sie informiert über die neuesten Entwicklungen der Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Berlin und sorgt für Transparenz rund um das staatliche Auftragsgeschehen für Kunst am Bau und Kunst im Stadtraum im Land Berlin und in den Berliner Bezirken.

    16.06.2023 | Open letter: The future of culture in Berlin - on the brink?

    Offener Brief

    Open Letter from the Berlin Cultural Associations, institutions, alliances and mergers: A lively art and cultural life is what makes Berlin, both in the international perception and in the neighborhood. In Berlin, large institutions, theaters, museums, concert halls and clubs interact with independent artists, international guests with local neighborhood actors, museums and opera houses with socio

    22.12.2022 | Artist associations raise funds for Afghan artists in need – Thank you!

    Artists at risk

    BBK Federal Association, bbk berlin, the Association of German Artists, the GEDOK, the IGBK, IKG… We are very grateful to announce that a growing number of associations, in particular of artists, are calling on their members, friends and sponsors, and the public to get involved in a fundraising campaign to address the urgent situation of artists in Afghanistan.