Kursprogramm 1. Quartal 2023

WORK & WERK (englisch)

Seminar mit Bettina Allamoda  

Beschreibung • Description

WHEN do we ever find the time to talk about the content of our work and artistic practice anymore?

Is your art itself in danger of falling short, while faced with the competing demands of administration and (self-) management,  battling survival, self-exploitation or self-positioning?

The crash course: Working and Your Work gives more than critical and practical input:

Reinforcing ground motivations via content and research, Berlin based German-American visual artist Bettina Allamoda offers her unlimited expertise and unconditional advice of over 30 years to all your questions.

In a customized 6 person group- and including individual sessions, we cross- and (re)examine our inital intentions, work through solutions and thus re-energise and empower your Werk! The small size group allows the discussion to be tailored directly to the individual needs of each participant.

all media welcome 

When registering please give a link to your website or some short information about your art practice. Information about topics of particular interest, concrete questions or focuses would also be welcome!