Seminare und Workshops


Seminar mit Paul Langmead  

Beschreibung • Description

This workshop aims to give artists and photographers who are new to film based photography (or who are new to scanning their work) the necessary skills to produce scans of professional quality for print output. It covers the use of the Hasselblad X1 scanner with colour Negative and Transparency films as well as Black and White Negatives. The skills offered in this workshop can be applied to other models of scanner also.

Participants should have a moderate degree of skill in operating computers and software in order to benefit fully from the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted in English, with assistance and guidance available in German also.

Participants will have the opportunity for hands on operation of the equipment with their own image(s) and so should come prepared with the necessary equipment:

  • Storage Device (Hard-/USB-Drive - no CD/DVD please)
  • puffer ball or compressed air (Pressluft aus der Dose)
  • a negative/transparency.
  • white gloves


Resolution and Depth: Terminology and Recommendations

  • DPI
  • 8bit/16bit
  • Film types and strengths/weaknesses

FFF/RAW formats versus TIFF: Differences and Recommendations

  • Introduction to RAW/FFF
  • TIFF
  • Differences

Colour Management and Profiles for Scanning - Embedding and Converting between profiles

The Scan

  • Problems and Warnings
  • Before the scan – Setting up
  • After the scan – Proofing the image


  • Hands-on practice with the scanner