LABORATORY: critical curating on new technologies and the arts

Seminar mit Min-hyung Kang  

Beschreibung • Description

Have you thought about curating an exhibition based around AI, or other brand new technology? How does it look and what conversations does it bring up in your professional and social circle?

This seminar provides insight into the current AI and art scene. It takes a critical point of view beginning by discussing the established South Korean context in order to examine the related context for each participant.

The seminar starts with a discussion of Min-hyung Kang’s previous projects and current research themes in which she looks back at the history of localization and the idea of the local, from a strategy of colonialism to the current notion of the economic dominance of large corporations and the digital dominance of emerging AI companies. Under the overarching theme of decentralization, together with the participants, we will find how it can be technically and technosocially interpreted in our own practices.

In the second half of the day, the participants will be divided into groups to discuss questions and raise criticism in more detail and finally share them to draw a whole picture. This seminar provides a chance to find out where you are at within the scene and perhaps discover what intellectual collaboration can be made in future.

The course will be offered in English


Instructor: Curator Min-hyung Kang explores the intersection of technology and art in the South Korean context from a critical perspective. As part of the event Unchained: KI, Krypto & Kunst, she will present various curatorial decentralized practices in this workshop. Her curatorial themes include Post-Localization, in which she examines localization from colonial and economic perspectives, emphasizing trans-locality. These themes are especially evident in her art space, Barim, located in Gwangju, South Korea (https://barimart.wordpress.com/), as well as in other digital art-related projects like Degital (https://degitalarts.xyz/) and Forking Room (https://www.forkingroom.kr/ co-organized with Unmake Lab), both of which critically explore the interconnected art-technology-society scene. She is based in Gwangju and Seoul in South Korea, but currently in Berlin for her curatorial fellowship. For more of her works, visit https://minhyungkang.wordpress.com/.