Help! They’re coming … Be prepared for a studio visit!

Seminar mit Dr. Helen Adkins  

Beschreibung • Description

Help! They’re coming…

Be prepared for a studio visit!

You are expecting an important visitor to your studio and would like to give a perfect presentation. A collector has shown an interest in your work and you wish to invite him/her and are not sure how to deal with the situation. You have just completed a new work and need a professional opinion. You have met a curator and wish to invite him/her: what should you show and how? You have a brilliant plan for a project but have not started realizing it: however, someone wants to come – how do you go about it? We will discuss practical tips and strategies in order to ensure maximum benefit from the visit.

(Qualification Studio Visit)

Seminar content / Learning objectives

The focus of this seminar is on theoretical and practical issues in order to achieve the best possible results from a professional studio visit with regard to mediation and sales.

Qualification / Competence

Through attending the seminar, the participant is able to receive a visitor in his/her studio in full self-confidence. He/she has received general information and custom support on how to communicate and how to display artwork in the studio, thereby maximizing the chances of a sale or further interest in the work.