Designing and organising exhibitions

Seminar mit Valentina Galossi  

Beschreibung • Description

Over two days, this course will provide all the basic tools needed to organize, design and produce your own exhibition project. We will learn how to place a curatorial concept in a physical space starting with fundamental elements such as set design, lighting and sound to culminate in the creation of an exhibition itinerary. We will provide exemplary examples of projects to encourage reflection and understanding of exhibitions that engage the visitor-content connection, exploring such issues as: exhibition choreography, artwork coordination, exhibition display, room architecture, layout and details.

We'll also talk about key matters to produce a successful art show:

  • Thinking to build up a site specific exhibitions: Space matter and connecting with the audience
  • Solo show and group show: selection of artworks & selection of artists
  • Sponsorships: private and public
  • Budget and funding plans
  • Project management and Planning
  • Research
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Contract and insurance
  • Advertising and Public Relations

Participants will have the chance to discuss their own exhibition project. I will support you to apply the right strategy to make your project happen either in a non-white-cube space, private gallery or institution. Looking specifically at exhibition design, coordination with an architectural studio; working with project manager, selection of artists and studio team.