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Craft Your Artist Statement

Seminar mit Laura J Lukitsch  

Zeit • Time:
Thurs, Oct, 08 and Fri, Oct, 09, each day from 11-4pm (11-16 Uhr)
Ort • Place:
bildungswerk des bbk berlin, Köthener Straße 44, 10963 Berlin
Kosten • Costs:
50 €
Diese Veranstaltung findet ab 5 Teilnehmer*innen statt.
Anmeldungen • Attendance:
1 / 6
Anmeldeschluss • Registration closes:
04.10.2020 - 23:59

Beschreibung • Description


Join filmmaker and story consultant Laura J. Lukitsch for a small group program (5-6 participants) during two days (10 hours). You will be guided through a process to uncover your story, and given an opportunity to test it out and receive personal feedback. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a complete artist statement and ideas for how to share your work more broadly.


DAY 1:

Part 1. The Power of a Strong Introduction

    I'll briefly introduce the One Word formula and why this is such a powerful tool for networking. (Check out the free download here:

Part 2. What Comes Next - Presenting Your Work

    Once you get an introduction, then what? You have to present your work more 'officially.' The three key story elements you need to present include: Your Why, What and How. Through a timed writing exercise, we'll drill down to these core elements.

Part 3. Group Feedback

    This is an opportunity to get objective feedback from the group. Presenting your work is as much about the energy behind your words as it is about the ideas themselves. In a group setting, you'll get a better sense of what is working and what needs more work. (You will receive an audio recording of your session.)

DAY 2:

Part 4. Putting Your Story Together

    We'll study different styles for presenting your story and then take the time to write a 1-2 paragraph version.

Part 5. Feedback and Next Steps

    This is another opportunity to get feedback from the group and learn what you can do to make it stronger.

Part 6. How to Show Up Online

    In the final part of the workshop you'll learn the top mistakes artists make when sharing their work online and get tips for sharing your work on Facebook, in email, and on your website. We will workshop 1 or 2 examples from the group, looking at marketing efforts from those who have upcoming shows.