Kursprogramm 1. Quartal 2023

The Codes of the Art World

Seminar mit Valentina Galossi  

Zeit • Time:
Wednesday, February 15, 2023 von 12-4pm (12-16 Uhr)
Ort • Place:
Zoom Konferenz, bildungswerk des bbk berlin
Kosten • Costs:
25 €
Diese Veranstaltung findet ab 20 Teilnehmer*innen statt.
Anmeldungen • Attendance:
20 / 20 leider belegt

Beschreibung • Description

DIGITALER CAMPUS: The Codes of the Art World

This is a coaching session that aims to give the participants information and practical experience familiarizing themselves with the fundamental codes of the art world. This group of professional artists is set up with the clear intent to give strength to each individual in its uniqueness.

My purpose is to share the know-how followed up with my 10 years of professional and life experience in the art world.

During this workshop – duration 4 hours –, we will look closely at some successful cases and do training to define direction, goals and to start to build up self-confidence:

  •     An insight into the contemporary art world scenario
  •     Professional artists' strategies – methods & studio working process
  •     Trajectory & goals – studio, gallery, art residency
  •     Understanding of setting up a career
  •     Building up a strong presence as professional artists
  •     Communication skills