Laura J Lukitsch

Seminare und Workshops

Thurs, Oct, 08 and Fri, Oct, 09, each day from 11-4pm (11-16 Uhr)

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Laura J Lukitsch is a filmmaker, video artist and story consultant. Her work creates spaces for audiences to experience different perspectives of our collective stories. Her first feature documentary, Beard Club (2013) is a film about the social politics of facial hair. Park Project Berlin (2017-ongoing) examines our public realm. Laura’s interest includes social change, the power of intersectional narratives, and ways we can bring new voices into mainstream consciousness. She helps artists struggling to tell their stories reframe their inner and outer narratives and get their work seen. She is currently living in Berlin.

Fachgebiet(e): (Selbst-) Positionierung, Kommunikation
Sprachen: deutsch, englisch

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