Bettina Allamoda


The Berlin-based, Chicago born German-American visual artist Bettina Allamoda studied sculpture at Universität der Künste Berlin and Central/ St. Martins School of Art & Design London. She has received numerous grants and awards, as recently, the Villa Massimo Prize of the German Academy Rome and been a frequent visiting guest professor and tutor at art academies worldwide.

Allamoda's extensive body of work has been shown internationally for over three decades and includes major works of sculpture, reliefs, installations, collages, documentary photographs, silkscreens, drawings, video and performance, as well as artist’s books, text publications and curatorial projects.

Her work deals with how physical experience is warped through media experience and transfers it into the realm of sculpture and collage, formalizing it into a paradigmatic, abstracted, yet concrete spatio-sensory experience. Bettina Allamoda seeks to expand and explore the representational systems of art, architecture, fashion, design, politics, and history, with an emphasis on spacial research, especially considering the analysis of material and bodies in space.

Fachgebiet(e): (Selbst-) Positionierung, Kommunikation