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Tuesday, April 14, 2020,  noon to 4 pm (12-16 Uhr)                         application deadline: Mon, April 6, 2020
bildungswerk des bbk berlin, Köthener Str. 44, 10963 Berlin                   (3. floor, elevator, ring at "Seminarraum")
€ 30

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This is a coaching session that aims to give the four participants information and practical experience familiarizing themselves with the fundamental codes of the art world. This group of four professional artists is set up with the clear intent to give strength to each individual in its uniqueness.
My purpose is to share the know-how followed up with my 10 years of professional and life experience in the art world.
During this workshop – duration 4 hours –, we will look closely at some successful cases and do training to define direction, goals and to start to build up self-confidence:

  • An insight into the contemporary art world scenario
  • Professional artists' strategies – methods & studio working process
  • Trajectory & goals – studio, gallery, art residency
  • Understanding of setting up a career
  • Building up a strong presence as professional artists
  • Communication skills

Valentina Galossi:
Since 2012 I have been working both in Rome and Berlin, in close dialogue with emerging as well as established artists developing a strong knowledge of the contemporary art practices and in collaboration with a number of institutions, private collections and galleries in Berlin, including Jochen Hempel and Sexauer. I have curated international group exhibitions as well as an interdisciplinary art project. In 2018, I edited my first book Lab - Life of Artists in Berlin.
I can share my experience in contemporary art, cultural management and mediation, strategy and business and support you in developing your exhibition and or art catalogue or publications. I can particularly advise artists on shaping and communicating your works and projects. I think to connect people and bring partners together is fundamental. 

Four participants needed for this group coaching session of four hours! 

  This program is supported by funds of the European Social Fund (ESF)
These subsidies are the basis for low participation fees and for the lecturers’ fees.
Therefore, prior to the event each participant must provide
some personal information, confirmed with a signature.
A multiple-choice test is an integral part for the ESF-evaluation purposes.
All your data are subject to data protection and passed on depersonalised to the
responsible ESF administration in order to fulfil the evaluation and reporting obligations.


bildungswerk des bbk berlin GmbH

Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

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