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Understanding the Contemporary Art Scene: Communication & Public Relations for Artists - Valentina Galossi

Monday, April 6, 2020,  noon to 4 pm (12-16 Uhr)                         application deadline: Wed, April 1, 2020
bildungswerk des bbk berlin, Köthener Str. 44, 10963 Berlin                 (3. floor, elevator, ring at "Seminarraum")
€ 20

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Understanding the Contemporary Art Scene:  Communication and Public Relations for Artists

If you are a professional artist interested in improving your communication and public relation skills in the contemporary art world, this workshop is for you.
The art market is transforming rapidly, and over the last decade new tools have emerged, that are playing a crucial role. The use of social media has become a very important tool for artists, not only to engage your audience but also to actively promote your work.
In this 4 hour workshop, we will navigate together a new understanding of the contemporary art scene while exploring the following fundamental topics for artists:

  •  Optimizing your digital presence
  •  Press release
  •  Brand and visual identity
  •  Strategic engagement with your audience (Newsletter and Social Media Networking)
  •  Art Marketing
  •  Presenting art to buyers

Using my experience as an independent curator working in galleries, artist's studios as well as on the promotion of contemporary artists, I will introduce you to some case studies, including some exemplary examples, and examine some different strategies to build a strong online presence of your professional artwork.

Five applications needed to make it happen !

  This program is supported by funds of the European Social Fund (ESF)
These subsidies are the basis for low participation fees and for the lecturers’ fees.
Therefore, prior to the event each participant must provide
some personal information, confirmed with a signature.
A multiple-choice test is an integral part for the ESF-evaluation purposes.
All your data are subject to data protection and passed on depersonalised to the
responsible ESF administration in order to fulfil the evaluation and reporting obligations.


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