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Introduction: Composing in the Browser - Sarah Sole (Ferguson)

Thursday, June, 21 2018, from 12-4pm                                            Registration deadline: Mon, 18.06.2018                                              
bbk-bildungswerk, Köthener Str. 44, 10963 Berlin                                    (3. Etage, Seminarraum, Fahrstuhl)
25 €

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This course is designed for all artists interested in using the Internet for conceptual and creative production. We will focus on developing proficiency in the basic methods and properties of the HTML5 Canvas and Media APIs. Through simple semantic language, artists will learn how to manipulate imagery, text, sound and video components directly in the browser. Artists interested in web-based projects will learn how to deploy them full-screen and responsive to the size of any device (phone, tablet, laptop) without the worries of configuring within Wordpress or another content management system. No prior coding experience or knowledge of HTML will be assumed.
Artists interested in all aspects of composing - audio, visual, 2d etc, will can get something from this course.

We will begin by looking at a handful of recent projects by artists worldwide, from generative works to animated shorts to experimental narrative work, that best demonstrate the possibilities of creative coding. Artists will then be introduced to two javascript libraries: P5 and GSAP. The P5.js library is designed specifically for artists and comes with a wide range of built-in functions to handle audio, video, imagery, and text within the browser. The GSAP library contains a built-in timeline which allows artists to sequence ‘scenes’ in order to build more complex animations. Artists will learn basic methods to manipulate audio-visual elements, and how to create ‘generative’ imagery using primitive forms (lines, circles, rectangles, etc). By the end of the course all artists will know the basic file structure for a web-based project, how to load the libraries, and how to test and preview their work in real-time in the browser. Handouts with online resources, tutorials, and common code-snippets (a cheat-sheet) will be provided.

Software Requirements:
Both libraries, P5 and GSAP, will be loaded in the “index.html” file that I will share at the beginning of class. Every artist will need the code editor "Visual Studio Code" and also the Chrome browser installed on their laptop. Once "Visual Studio Code" is installed, they will also need to install the extension called "Live Server".

Here are the links:
Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/
Visual Studio Code: https://code.visualstudio.com
Live Server: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ritwickdey.LiveServer



Just 3 applications needed to make this outstanding workshop happen


This program is supported by funds of the European Social Fund (ESF)
These subsidies are the basis for low participation fees and for the lecturers’ fees.
Therefore, prior to the event each participant must provide
some personal information, confirmed with a signature.
A multiple-choice test is an integral part for the ESF-evaluation purposes.
All your data are subject to data protection and passed on depersonalised to the
responsible ESF administration in order to fulfil the evaluation and reporting obligations.


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Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

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tel 030 230 899-10

Florian Schöttle – Geschäftsführung (Vermögensverwaltung)

Michael Nittel – Veranstaltungskonzeption
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