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Additive Technique Workshop - Vincenzo Grosso and - Gloria Alonso González

Tuesday, August, 14; Wednesday, August, 15; Thursday, August 16; and Friday, August 17, 2018,  each day 10am to  4pm                          Registration deadline: Wednesday, 08.08.2018                                              
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Druckwerkstatt, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
180 € (+ 35 € for material costs)

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The course is aimed at those who would like to learn the basics of the additive  technique in order to develop, expand or deepen their work using this broad and flexible process.

We will begin by preparing the sheets with acrylic paste on Plexiglas or PVC.

The acrylic pastes will be spread onto the plates with spatulas, rags, brushes and other unconventional tools, in accordance with the desired result. The drying times of the product are quick (around 4 hours), but in this case, we will wait 24 hours.

The inking and cleaning of the slabs will take place as in traditional engraving.

The pressure of the press, will print the reliefs of the acrylic paste according to the  amounts of ink used, giving a relief effect (embossed).

The additive process also lends itself well to "nude" prints, without ink, and also to  embossing.

This technique works well with both small and large formats and we will have the possibility to work from an A4 format up to 1m x 1m prints.


A basic knowledge of engraving techniques is required.



Day ONE (Curiosities) – Tuesday 14/8

Theoretical introduction (purpose and objectives of the course)

Preparation of printing plates (PVC)

Drawing discussion, drawing with charcoal, felt-tip pen


Day TWO (Attention) – Wednesday 15/8

Cutting, milling, application of the volumetric mixture with a brush, spatula or similar.

Recommended drying one day.

Tear off the printing paper and moisten.


Day THREE (Fun) – Thursday 16/8

Print: mix the ink, apply with brushes and foam roller

Download the printing plates with tarlatana and thin papers.

First printing tests:

1) Without inks if the thickness of the material is sufficient.

2) Well inked as you wish.

3) Discharge.

In this way (inking only once!) We will have three, differently interesting versions, for each single plate.

This is to understand the amount of ink that everyone will need to use.


Day FOUR (Operation and Creativity) – Friday 17/8

-Print: corrections to the plates, rework.

- Last press session.

- Choice of definitive works.

- Debriefing



The lunch break will be from 13:00  to 14:00h.

4 applications needed 



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