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Jasmine Justice

English Coaching for Arts Professionals

Do you have an upcoming interview or deadline? How is your "handshake speech"? Together, we can perk up and refine your talking points for brief encounters, public presentations or academic interviews.

Providing that extra push, I can help you edit or create more successful proposals and shape up your application packets. If you would simply like to feel more at home with speaking international art English, there are targeted and proven strategies to help improve your ability and confidence.

Zeit und Ort ⦁ time and place

Zeit • time
nach Vereinbarung / by appointment
Ort • place
nach Vereinbarung / by appointment

Kosten • costs

The coaching will be held according to the 3G rule.
This means that all participants must be vaccinated or recovered. In the event that a participant is not vaccinated or recovered, a same-day negative test must be shown. A self-test is not considered sufficient for this purpose.

Coaching duration 1 hour á 60 minutes. Cost = 40 euros.

Anmeldung • Registration

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