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ART TALK - Jasmine Justice

Tuesday, January 30, 2018,  noon - 4 pm                                                             Registration Deadline: Wed, Jan 24, 2018
bildungswerk des bbk berlin, Köthener Str. 44, 10963 Berlin                     (3rd floor, elevator, please ring at "Seminarraum" )
no costs - it's for free

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ART TALK: During this workshop German speaking participants - and all the other artists in Berlin with different nationalities - will strengthen and build on English grammar and vocabulary while creating and rehearsing imaginary encounters with the English speaking art world, for example talking to collectors, gallerists, curators, journalists and exhibition visitors.
As a group we will examine what makes for a successful interaction, and the nuances of confident language. This will be especially helpful for those who want to be prepared for exhibitions and working in a foreign country, but we will also take a moment to look at less formal, more creative, autobiographical-style exchange and interviews.
It's a perfect chance to improve your conversation and self promotion capabilities as an artist in English - just go for it !

In this interview you get an idea about the artist/docent Jasmine Justice (just click it).
4 applications needed to let it happen.
One time chance only: it's for free !

               This program is supported by funds of the European Social Fund (ESF).
These subsidies are the basis for low participation fees and for the lecturers’ fees.
Therefore, prior to the event each participant must give
information on his/her person and confirm it with one’s signature.
All your data are subject to data protection and passed on depersonalised to the
responsible ESF administration in order to fulfil the evaluation and reporting obligations.


bildungswerk des bbk berlin GmbH
Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

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tel 030 230 899-10

Florian Schöttle – Geschäftsführung (Vermögensverwaltung)

Michael Nittel – Veranstaltungskonzeption
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Lucy Teasdale – Veranstaltungsorganisation
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